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Our team of technical experts provides world class engineering, scientific & geo-science expertise to support our clients in achieving their goals of reducing investment risk of asset acquisition,field development and project finance. We conduct reserve estimation,technical due diligence, engineering facility audit on behalf of project sponsors, for buy and sell side of M & A and project finance transactions.

         Our team’s technical experience includes:

  • Oil, gas & mine-field development planning
  • Oil, gas & mining reserve/resource evaluation
  • Gas commercialization & development strategies
  • Project facility and engineering
  • Gas to power stations


  • Conduct seismic interpretations
  • Conduct petro-physical examination
  • Conduct reservoir engineering studies
  • Determine resource and reserve size (1p, 2p, 3p)
  • Quarry, mine site planning
  • Oil & Gas field development planning
  • Well drilling/pipeline supervision
  • Well planning//corehole planning
  • Technical due diligence & feasibility studies
  • Reserve audit for reserved based lending
  • Project management for risk and cost reduction
  • assess energy needs and provides solutions for drilling sites in oil, gas, mine & quarry


Our sectors are highly competitive and it is truly rewarding when decisions are rapidly turned into actions. it is also very risky when quick actions are not taken on decisions. Our team of experienced advisors work with clients to execute challenging decisions and complete difficult task to provide optimum result, We help clients decide on which market to invest in, advise on risk management approaches. We help clients understand business is losing out to competitors.

        Our team’s commercial expertise includes:

  • Conduct due diligence on potential ontakers
  • Negotiating commercial agreement
  • developing commercialization strategies for oil, gas and mine assets
  • Developing utilization and monetization strategies for gas flares


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