[gva_block_heading title=”Who we are” desc=”Brockville Investments is an energy & natural resources asset management consultancy. “][gva_block_heading title=”What we do” desc=”We combine technical and market expertise to deliver research & project development services to a wide variety of clients in oil, gas, power, renewable energy and Agriculture industries”]
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[gva_icon_box title=”Energy Research” description=”We conduct market research and propose market entry strategies” background_box=”#009CFF” icon_width=”fa-3x” skin_text=”text-light” image=”2660″]
[gva_icon_box title=”Strategy Consulting” description=”We optimize and fast track international business growth and reposition business models strategically” background_box=”#FFDC39″ icon_color=”text-white” icon_width=”fa-2x” image=”2658″]
[gva_icon_box title=”Investment Advisory” description=”We plan, execute and actively monitor the management and operation of our client’s projects” background_box=”#ff6600″ icon_width=”fa-3x” skin_text=”text-light” image=”2659″]
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